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VMware has updated its Virtual Cloud Network solution. Among other things, the new functionality should bring a better public cloud experience to companies’ on premise data centers. Telecom operators will also be served with new functionality.

The functionality now added to VMware Virtual Cloud Network, part of the VMware Cloud Foundation platform, is designed to give businesses more networking and security capabilities for a better public cloud experience in their on premise environments. These capabilities are focused, for example, on the cloud-based environments of telecom operators.

VMware NSX-T version 3.0 and VMware vRealize Network Insight version 5.2 solutions, now launched, offer companies more automation capabilities and insights for network functionality. This network functionality spans services from Layer 2 switching applications to application firewalls, load balancing and IDS/IPS filtering in Layer 7.

This should, among other things, improve cloud and container networking, security, and application discovery within on-premise environments. This will enable companies to realise more flexible and business continuity opportunities for these environments, according to VMware.

Improved cloud experience and security

More specifically, the added functionality of VMWare NSX-T and VMware vRealize Network Insight consists of six solutions. Firstly, the delivery of a public cloud experience for on premise environments needs to be improved. This should, among other things, improve the stability of (telecom) networks and also bring application discovery to these environments, in a cloud-based way.

In addition, the solutions make security more obvious and improve the efficiency and flexibility of these solutions. This is done by, among other things, adding IDS/IPS technology. According to VMware, the solutions now released must offer more functionality than existing and proprietary hardware systems.

Solutions for applications

Other functionality added to VMware Virtual Cloud Network by the latest versions of VMWare NSX-T and VMware vRealize Network Insight is a full stack of networking and security for applications. Think of the functional expansion of applications and microservices that run on VMs, containers and bare metal servers. Kubernetes is already supported, but now companies can expand their full stack container network services to other platforms.

Think of services such as switching, routing, distributed firewalls, micro-segmentation and load balancing. Platforms now supported include VMware vSphere with Kubernetes, VMware Cloud Foundation 4, the VMware Tanzu portfolio and non-VMware Kubernetes environments.

In addition, end-to-end visibility and analytics capabilities have been added to optimise network performance and troubleshoot issues across the Virtual Cloud Network.

Functionality for telecom operators

The new functionality also consists of two options aimed at telecom networks and operators. For example, Networking for Next-Generation Telco Clouds and 5G enables operators to build scalable networks with the Virtual Cloud Network in view of 5G and edge environments. Also, Microsoft’s recently launched Azure Edge Zones is now supported for SD-WAN solutions that will deliver Azure services. In particular, customers can now start delivering Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) at the edge.

More customers for VMware Virtual Cloud Network

Finally, VMWare announces that its Virtual Cloud Network product now has more than 15,000 end users. Key customers include most of the Fortune 500 companies and the global Top 10 telecom operators.