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Microsoft has renamed Visual Studio Online to Visual Studio Codespaces. The prices for all tiers will also be lowered mid-May.

The reason for the rebranding is because Microsoft wants to make it clear that their product is more than only an “editor in a browser”. Microsoft wrote this in a blog post on the 30th of April. The new name will be implemented on all Microsoft platforms in the coming weeks and months.

Microsoft is also lowering prices for Codespaces starting on the 19th of May. “We want to make sure that as many people as possible have access to and use Codespaces, especially considering the challenges we all face at the moment”, according to Microsoft.

The use of Basic instances (2 cores, 4 GB RAM) drops from 0.24 cents to 0.08 cents per hour. The price of Standard (4 cores, 8 GB RAM) Linux instances decreases from 0.45 cents to 0.17 cents per hour. And finally, Premium (8 cores, 16 GB RAM) will soon cost 0.34 cents instead of 0.87 cents per hour.

Codespaces also incur a storage fee of 0.0088 cents per hour for a 64 GB SSD, which can be billed down to the second. Developers with a self-hosted environment can register any machine on Codespaces and connect it to VS Code or the browser-based editor free of charge.

Visual Studio Online

Microsoft made the preview of Visual Studio Online public in November 2019. Visual Studio Codespaces offers managed, on-demand development environments that can be used for long-term projects, like prototyping a new feature, or for short-term tasks such as reviewing pull requests.