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Python developers hope to build mobile applications with the Python programming language. So that they can run Python apps on mobile devices. The open-source project Beeware should help with this.

Python is one of the preferred programming languages of developers for building applications. Until now, applications written in this programming language cannot run on mobile devices, such as Android.

Open-source project Beeware

Beeware, launched in February, should change this. This project makes it possible to port CPython to the Android mobile operating system and run it natively. CPython is the reference implementation of the open-source Python language used by other implementations such as Jython. The CPython version is written in Java and relies on a Java virtual machine (JVM). This allows Python to run on mobile devices via a detour.

Eventually, Beeware should allow developers to write applications in Python that can run the code on all platforms using user interface (UI) widgets. This will enable developers to use the same codebase that can run on iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, browsers and tvOS.

Reason for Beeware

An important reason to be able to use Beeware in the future, is that until now Android applications in Python have a large size. In part, because they need their own copy of the Python runtime. This, in turn, means that Python for mobile applications needs to be reduced in size. A kernel version of the programming language can solve this, in combination with a package installer that allows developers to install packages for a particular target platform, instead of the system they are running on. Beeware should solve these problems.


Despite the arrival of Beeware, many specialists think there are still a lot of obstacles in the way of using Python for mobile platforms in the future. Moreover, Beeware might be outdated. CPython would be able to run on Android itself now, without compiling Python to Java byte code. Devices are fast enough, and the Android kernel is also suitable to run CPython directly on Android