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Salesforce has good news coming from the virtual TrailheaDX conference that will take place later this week, commencing today with several developer tools. These developer tools are meant to provide developers with a more enhanced way of creating applications on top of the Salesforce platform.

Today, there will be three Salesforce developer tools which will be announced, but the most interesting one to developers is Salesforce Functions. It will enable developers to create serverless applications on top of Salesforce. Thanks to the serverless approach, the developer can build several functions that generate an operation. The cloud provider then offers the required infrastructure resources to run the triggered operation and that is it.

“I can just write my code, deploy it and let Salesforce operate it for me”

The SVP of product Salesforce and Salesforce DX, Wade Wegner said that the new developer tools offer a lot of flexibility to developers especially around programming languages such as Java or Node.js, and cloud platforms like Azure and AWS. “I can just write my code, deploy it and let Salesforce operate it for me,” he said.

More to come

In a statement, Wegner said that the new approach allows developers to create serverless applications utilizing the data in Salesforce, and then run it on flexible infrastructure. This offers developers the advantage of the horizontal and vertical scale. They don’t have to be responsible for the management of all aspects regarding the running of their application on the cloud infrastructure.

Apart from Salesforce Functions, the company will also introduce Code Builder, which is a web-based IDE based on Microsoft Visual Studio Code Spaces.

Finally, Salesforce is introducing the DevOps Centre. It will be a platform to manage the ever-increasing sophistication of availing applications created on top of Salesforce in an enhanced and modern continuous way.

Developers will have to wait for some time

However, though the company is announcing these developer tools today, they will be unavailable to developers for a while. Code Builders and Functions are being piloted, while DevOps Centre will be available later this year, but as a developer preview.