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GitHub has merged its two websites to support application and software developers with documentation into the single platform environment docs.github.com. The platform provides end-users and integrators with a single environment for support and resources.

In practical terms, the newly presented platform environment docs.github.com combines the now disabled help.github.com and developer.githubcom sites. This enables all users, from beginner to expert, to search for support within all product content from a single location.

Within docs.github.com, GitHub users can search for product-based data, and the support documents have been divided into segments. For example, from GraphQL API to GitHub Actions. The search function allows users to request more specific data. The platform also provides a list of ‘getting started’ articles and a list of the most requested support information.

Further Developments

Merging the two support platforms is a first step in developing an overarching advisory platform, according to GitHub. This platform should enable users to find new tools and development methods and receive the appropriate support. Language support, for example, will soon be expanded beyond its existing support for English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

The news of the new platform has been welcomed by the GitHub community.