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Progress eliminates DevOps Barriers with DataDirect

Progress eliminates DevOps Barriers with DataDirect

Progress, the leading player in application development and digital technologies, unveiled a new set of new data connectors to enhance the integration of analytics as well as reporting within the DevOps process.

In addition to an extensive collection of pre-built, super-performing, standards-based data connectors, Progress has unveiled connectors for GitHub, Jira and TeamCity. Thanks to these new-found connectors, users can achieve a more collective view of the DevOps process, gaining new levels of performance and efficiency, hence expansion across the Software Development Lifecycle.

“A key tenant of DevOps is continuous improvement, and critical to that success is information – analysis of productivity metrics, feature functionality, quality and adoption and more. But when this information is within discrete systems and teams, it isn’t easy to measure the overall impact and where improvements need to be made. This is where data connectivity tools, such as DataDirect, offer tremendous value – enabling a cross-process view of data that results in better decision making,” said Stewart Bond, research director, Data Integration and Intelligence software research at IDC.

The deliverables of the new DevOps connectors

Data Direct and Progress have not lost their popularity as the trusted solution for 350+ ISVs and 10,000 enterprises. They have articulate ways of addressing different analytics, integration and management of data.

The new DevOps connectors offer excellent performance, reliability and security standards. They include:

  • Use of SQL to access disparate data; a user doesn’t have to learn about query languages or proprietary APIs. Each system is accessed the same way.
  • High data throughput performance and access to big data; Quick access to data, resulting in reduced latency while data loads. Besides, there are no manual data workflows, and that improves the process and automation efficiencies.
  • Security and support; Progress DataDirect is unparalleled when it comes to security attention, hotfix policies, update cadence, support procedures and more.

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