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Docker founders have raised $20m in funding with the launch of the DevOps software deployment venture, ‘Dagger.’

Dagger, a DevOps software development venture, revealed today that it had raised $20m in funds in conjunction with the open beta unveiling of the platform that powers software supply chain management.

The A-Series round comes after a $4 million round and a $7 million round. The company’s total funding I now approximately $30 million. Y Combinator also attended the round.

Sam Alba, Solomon Hykes, and Andrea Luzzardi, co-founders of Docker, formed Dagger and contributed their orchestration knowledge to the platform.

Hence, Dagger may operate on any time scale that is well-matched with Docker, a software management structure that enables applications to execute in the same way across various platforms.

Dagger’s platform aims to ease the typically complex challenge of the supply chain with easy configuration, a huge collection of pre-planned actions, besides its ability to create reusable custom actions throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Benefits of Dagger

Dagger, in essence, is an open project that is being established on GitHub, looking for beta testers. Besides, the team has made a Discord server available for the community to join and provide feedback on the platform.

Every structure working in one environment will readily migrate to the other, and any operation that needs to be migrated to a fresh system will not require rewriting.

According to the company, the fresh capital will allow it to expand its focus on that platform’s primary functions.

Dagger CEO’s stance

According to Solomon Hykes, co-founder and CEO of Dagger, one of the main difficulties for the DevOps teams that merge the information technology and software development departments “is to have a standardized set of blocks.”

“As almost all computing moves to the software supply chain have grown so massive and complicated that they have turned into a substantial blockage,” he said.

Besides, this puts the DevOps engineers — those in charge of powering the supply chain — under tremendous pressure to stay ahead.

Dagger allows developer teams to dodge numerous vital challenges, such as revising the scripts repeatedly and not being able to move from system to system, thanks to its ability to execute anywhere a Docker-compatible runtime exists.