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Palo Alto Networks announced new security offerings to tackle various supply chain risks.

The new “Prisma Cloud Supply Chain Security” offers an all-inclusive outlook of where likely misconfigurations or vulnerabilities lie in a company’s supply chain. It allows individuals to track and address quickly.  

Supply chain attacks have been rising drastically over the past couple of years. The pressing issue is security, as many flaws exist. If not resolved, attackers can quickly gain unauthorized access to systems, where they can leave malicious payloads across a company’s software which helps them gain access to sensitive data and files.

Palo Alto Networks believes that the new offerings can help provide a full-lifecycle, full-stack way to secure interconnected elements that deliver and make up cloud-native apps.

It helps detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in coding, including “infrastructure-as-code files,” “open-source packages,” and “delivery pipelines (such as continuous-integration configurations and version control systems).”

What features come with the new security offering

Some features include graph visualization, auto-discovery, supply-chain coding fixes, branch security rules, and coding repository surface. This way, companies will be able to assess attacks better and, with the help of connected infrastructure resources and applications, can prevent them.     

After all, preventing various supply-chain attacks helps bolster a company’s “Zero-Trust enterprise” approach.

“Every day new vulnerabilities are found in open source and other software components that have previously been integrated into the organization’s software code,” Ankur Shah, senior Vp of Prisma Cloud products for Palo Alto Networks, said in a statement. “Without the proper tools, it is very difficult for organizations to quickly spot where they have used the unpatched versions of these components.”

This new offering is available in both “Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud” and “Prisma Cloud.”