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AWS makes IoT SiteWise publicly available

AWS makes IoT SiteWise publicly available

AWS is making its monitoring service for IoT applications AWS IoT SiteWise generally available in some cloud regions in the United States and Europe. This allows companies to get more value out of their industrial IoT applications.

AWS IoT SiteWise has been available in beta since the end of 2018 and has now been released in the U.S. and Europe. Industrial companies, in particular, can use the IoT service to keep a close eye on their sensor-equipped equipment. It enables those industrial firms to monitor data collection points across their facilities to identify any potential issues, including equipment failure and production defects. The AWS service also assists in the central storage of data.

AWS Cloud for analysis

Customers can connect their equipment to AWS IoT SiteWise via a gateway that connects the on-premises servers to the AWS public cloud environment. Via the servers, the data is sent to the public cloud environment for analysis. The results are published in the SiteWise Console.

This dashboard can also be used to develop their own applications for monitoring their industrial equipment and to visualize the results for use on PCs or mobile devices. Based on this data, they can then take action and further improve their operational work processes, according to AWS.

Pay-per-use and availability

Customers pay based on a pay-per-use approach. In addition, they receive separate invoices for the various underlying services they use, such as messaging, data storage, data processing and the use of the SiteWise Monitor dashboard.

ASWS IoT SiteWise is now widely available in two cloud regions in the United States, US East and US West. In Europe, the service is available in the regions of Frankfurt and Ireland.