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Microsoft is reportedly working on a ‘Cloud PC,’ which could be integrated with the existing Windows Virtual Desktop service. This new VDI will be different from the current Microsoft services, including Windows VDI. Surprisingly, Windows VDI was launched just last year on September 30th.

This plan of an emerging Cloud PC first appeared on a Microsoft job post dated June 5th. The idea was seconded subsequently on a ZDNet article fifteen days later.

Desktop as a service

ZDNet states that the service would be a new yet strategic offering that will deliver Desktop as a Service. Additionally, it will be built to be on top of the Windows Virtual Desktop. Cloud PC will be under the able management of Microsoft while being made available to users at a linear rate. Microsoft Azure datacenters will also ensure consistent delivery of this service, and Microsoft 365 subscribers can be sure to get access.

It appears that Microsoft is setting its sights to partner with any potential partner to underpin this service. That is the reason why the Cloud PC is working hand in hand with the customers and partners.

No official word yet

With the exclusion of the job posting, it is essential to note that Microsoft has not yet announced to the public what the idea behind the Cloud PC is. On the other hand, it is quite clear that the service will provide Windows Virtual Desktop and Office applications through VDI as a thin client option, probably included in a Microsoft 365 subscription.

The Cloud PC service will launch “as soon as next spring,” although the information for this has not been confirmed yet.