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‘Microsoft works on managed Azure Stack private cloud environment’

‘Microsoft works on managed Azure Stack private cloud environment’

Microsoft is working on a managed Azure Stack private cloud environment, codenamed Azure Stack Fiji.

According to ZDNet, the tech giant is currently developing Azure Stack Fiji. The service allows companies managed by Microsoft Azure to run a local version of the public cloud in their own data centres with Microsoft-managed hardware. This offers them the benefits of this public cloud environment but then on-premises.

More low latency capacity

In addition, Azure Stack must provide Fiji users with the low-latency capacity fully managed by Azure fabric, the tech website expects. This should most likely require the hybrid cloud platform Azure Arc. This platform allows multiple cloud and on-premise environments to be managed from a single portal. It also uses the same hardware infrastructure that Microsoft uses to run Azure.

Competition with other providers

The arrival of Microsoft Azure Stack Fiji is supposed to be the next step in the tech giant’s hybrid computing strategy. At the moment, Microsoft’s hybrid computing proposition mainly revolves around Azure Stack Hub. This hub is offered as an appliance that comes pre-installed with certified server hardware from Microsoft partners.

Other components of this portfolio are Azure Stack Edge, an Azure-managed appliance, the HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution Azure Stack HCI and the ultra-low-latency cloud solution Azure Stack Edge Zones.

In addition, the newly announced Azure Stack Fiji is to compete with similar services from the other major public cloud providers. For example, AWS Outposts or Google Anthos.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft itself made no announcements about the possible arrival of Azure Stack Fiji.