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Nutanix brings HCI to public cloud with Nutanix Clusters on AWS

Nutanix brings HCI to public cloud with Nutanix Clusters on AWS

With Nutanix Clusters on AWS, Nutanix makes its complete Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) portfolio available on AWS bare metal EC2 instances. This means that companies can now also purchase Nutanix’s HCI services via the tech giant’s public cloud.

Nutanix Clusters on AWS helps customers with several important issues for hybrid cloud environments. The cloud-based HCI solution enables easy ‘lift and shift’ of applications between different environments from the tech giant’s public cloud environment.

It also allows for fast on-demand up- and downscaling of capacity and expanding to multiple regions. When business environments face high demand for certain applications and/or data, they can now be made available within minutes from the public cloud. No matter where in the world.

Business continuity and cloud native services

In addition, Nutanix states that Nutanix Clusters on AWS ensures that business continuity can be guaranteed. Companies can use AWS for high availability and disaster recovery, without encountering problems with the management of cloud environments or a stand-alone disaster recovery solution.

Furthermore, Nutanix Clusters on AWS provides customers with easier use of cloud-native services with their current existing applications. There is no need for customization.


The Nutanix Clusters on AWS enable you to easily move existing applications and data to and from the public cloud environment of the tech giant. There is no need to modify the underlying code, which is often a time-consuming and costly process.

A built-in direct network integration of Nutanix Clusters with the AWS network layer gives customers a lot of performance and deployment benefits. The network integration allows them to use existing AWS accounts, such as unused credits, virtual private cloud environments and subnets. This makes it easier for them to manage both their private and public cloud environments. This simplifies the management of a complete hybrid cloud environment.

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Single interface

Nutanix Clusters on AWS allows customers to develop, manage and orchestrate their entire infrastructure and applications with a single interface, called Nutanix Prism. This management now extends to private and public cloud environments and prevents customers from having to assign additional staff to all these ‘silos’. It also makes it easier to move applications between cloud environments. According to Nutanix, this can save companies a lot of money as well.

Choice in funding

The new Nutanix service offers AWS customers a lot of flexibility when it comes to the financial aspects. Existing Nutanix customers can choose whether they want to reuse their existing on-premise hardware or AWS credits when developing a hybrid environment when they switch to Nutanix Clusters on AWS. In addition, they can decide to use the existing on-premise licenses, switch to pay-as-you-go or use Cloud Commit models. As a result, the purchase of additional software is not necessary.

Through Xi Beam, customers can get full insights into the performance of their workloads and expenses. Beam helps them pick the right (cloud) environment for each workload. Beam can compare all Nutanix environments,policy requirements and costs to come to the best possible solution for each workload.


Nutanix Clusters on AWS is now available in 20 global AWS regions. Nutanix Clusters on AWS is expected to be the first service to introduce the Nutanix HCI portfolio to public cloud environments. Similar services for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform will likely be added at a later date.

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