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Project Firefly will help developers build apps on Experience Cloud.

At Monday’s Adobe Developers Live virtual conference, Adobe debuted Project Firefly, which offers a complete framework for building custom apps. The initiative is designed to meet the unique needs of any business and its workflow requirements, according to Adobe.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Adobe’s Jason Woosley, said, “our focus is very specifically on making the experience-generation business.” He added, that this is “something that’s very attractive to developers and very accessible to developers, so we’re announcing a number of tools.”

Adobe has been operating a developer program called Adobe I/O for many years. Monday’s event was the company’s first virtual conference to help developers build custom apps on the Adobe Experience Cloud.

COVID-19 inspired the new initiatives

Woosley, who is VP of developer experience and commerce at Adobe, also published a blog post on Monday detailing Project Firefly. The initiative grew out of a need created by the Coronavirus pandemic, he writes.

“COVID-19’s impact has made developers even more crucial to organizations as their strategic importance continues to rise across every industry,” Woosley wrote.

“Developers have always been viewed as skilled technical employees who support a company’s operations,” he added. “But as the pandemic has accelerated the need for a digital strategy, developers are also playing a vital role in creating new revenue streams.”

New open source libraries will support Firefly

In order to make Firefly more available to all, Adobe is also launching React Spectrum. This is an open source set of libraries and tools designed to help members of the Adobe developer community build more accessible applications and websites.

“It comes with all of the accessibility features that often get forgotten when you’re in a race to market,Woosley told TechCrunch. “So it’s nice to make sure that you will be very inclusive with your design, making sure that you’re bringing on all aspects of your audiences.”

Project Firefly and some React Spectrum components and data connection SDKs are currently available in developer preview. Adobe intends to build out the project and expand these resources in the coming months.