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Adobe Express brings mild version of AI tool Firefly to free users

Adobe Express brings mild version of AI tool Firefly to free users

Adobe Express is officially getting AI features with the addition of Firefly. The features had been in preview for several months.

Adobe Express, Adobe’s cloud-based graphic design platform, is making new AI features publicly available. The platform is free to use and includes an Adobe Express Premium plan to make additional features available. A membership costs 12.09 euros monthly and comes out slightly cheaper with an annual subscription of 120.99 euros.

The mild version of Firefly

The features are made possible by the addition of Firefly. This is a tool from Adobe that generates images based on AI. But also invents extensions for your photos using a prompt.

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Firefly in Adobe Express is a much more moderate version of the tool. The image generator remains and has some nice additions. Like a function to remove the background of a photo and resize videos, for example. Things like expanding your photo or changing an object in your image through a prompt are not possible.

Won’t gain new users

At least this gives the cloud-based platform some useful features and they are already available with a free account. But then again, it is not a good reason to switch from rival tool Canva. Canva introduced the feature to remove backgrounds from your photo back in 2019, for example.

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