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In what is a clear diss at Apple, Microsoft published a new set of principles for the Windows 10 store. The principles include fair pricing and no restrictions for developers seeking to implement in-app purchases.

Based on the Coalition for App Fairness’ ideas and work, the ’10 principles for the Microsoft Store on Windows’ are all about speaking out on behalf of developers. The coalition demands a fair deal from Apple and Google to promote developer innovation and freedoms in app stores.

At the very top of Microsoft’s new list is a statement that developers will have the freedom to choose whether to distribute their apps for Windows through the app store and that the software giant will not block competing app stores in Windows.

The diss continues

There is only one company that blocks alternative app stores, and that is Apple. Taking the direct comparison to the next level, the second principle says that Microsoft will not preclude an app from windows based on the developer’s business model or how they deliver content and services.

The third principle is most likely a reference to both Apple and Google because Microsoft says they will not block an app from Windows based on the developer’s choice of payment systems to process in-app purchases.

Microsoft is winning points

In-app purchases are at the center of the legal action taken by Epic Games against both Google and Apple. The tech giants insist that all the payments in apps offered in their stores have to be made through them, presumably so they can take a 30% bite out of the total.

Other principles are commitments to developers for access to info about interoperability and interfaces, among other promises that will undoubtedly win Microsoft many points with the developer community.