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Canonical wins biggest Russian telco for OpenStack 5G infrastructure

Canonical wins biggest Russian telco for OpenStack 5G infrastructure

The Russian telecom giant MTS hopes to accelerate its rollout of 5G and other new services.

Russian telco MTS has decided to use Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack cloud computing platform to power the operator’s next-generation cloud infrastructure. They aim to use OpenStack to support future service launches such as 5G.

MTS is Russia’s leading mobile connectivity and digital services provider, offering a range of mobile, fixed-line, and digital services.The company has been looking for a robust and proven cloud for its network. OpenStack has long been popular with telcos. Last year they won a contract with BT to use Ubuntu Linux and OpenStack to deploy 5G globally as well as in the UK.

Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack is designed to be a carrier-grade private cloud implementation that is easy to deploy. The platform also offers enhanced SDN handling and edge compute capabilities. These qualities make the platform especially attractive to telecom companies.

5G deployment is driving MTS’s move to the Cloud

With this new partnership, MTS aims to decrease its time-to-market and speed up the deployment of new services such as 5G. The company is also hoping to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its cloud infrastructure. 

In an a joint statement this week, MTS said the partnership will decrease launch time of new products and increase deployment of new services for its 77 million subscribers, including the operator’s eventual 5G launch. The partnership also reduces costs by cutting the operator’s ownership of cloud infrastructure.

MTS CTO, Victor Belov, commented: “The selection of OpenStack is another step forward in our strategy to migrate towards open source software. Building an ecosystem based on OpenStack will speed up our technology adoption, lay a foundation for future 5G rollout, and enhance our network’s edge compute capabilities.”

Regis Paquette, Canonical Global Alliances VP added: “Canonical is truly excited to partner with MTS and provide a platform on which they can roll out their 5G network,”

“The partnership will help build an underlying network and IT infrastructure bringing the latest updates in a predictable and automated fashion. With comprehensive security built-in, and unified automation from core to remote edge locations, this partnership places MTS at the forefront of innovation with open source.”

MTS plans to deploy Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack solution across 11 MTS data centres in Russia starting in 2021.