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Adobe has added support for Microsoft Power Automate to Adobe Document Services. The service enables developers to perform PDF actions from their own software.

Document Services is a service that allows developers to build software that can perform tasks with PDF files. It consists of APIs that allows developers to, for example, embed PDF files into web pages or to create or modify the files.

Power Automate

The most important innovation in Adobe Document Services is the support for Microsoft Power Automate. This allows users with few programming skills to add PDF actions to a workflow they have built with Power Automate. Adobe provides the example of the automatic creation of a PDF file based on a file in OneDrive and sending by e-mail.

Another example Adobe gives is the low-code creation of a workflow to convert an image to PDF and applying optical character recognition (OCR) on it, after which it is sent out for a signature.

Microsoft Power Automate is a tool that allows businesses to automate their workflows. Microsoft recently expanded the software with Power Automate Desktop, which enables users to also automate interactions with graphical interfaces.