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Adobe recently released an AI assistant for its PDF tools, Acrobat and Reader. Users can ask for a summary of PDF files or ask specific questions about the content of the document.

Adobe is introducing a GenAI chatbot in Adobe Acrobat and Reader. The goal is to turn the trillions of PDF documents available worldwide into “interactive and responsive knowledge resources,” the creative content tools company says. For Adobe, the move is interesting to maintain its strong position for PDF.

Summarizing content

More specifically, the chatbot allows Adobe Acrobat and Reader users to ask questions about the content of opened PDF files. The functionality can also generate formatted text for end users, such as presentations and emails, based on the content of the PDF files used. Other features include generating shortcuts to the content in the PDF files. These shortcuts immediately provide users with the information from the files relevant to them.

Furthermore, Adobe’s GenAI tool is not just for PDF files. The tool also supports other files, such as Word, PowerPoint and meeting transcripts.

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Future functionality

In the near future, Adobe plans to expand the functionality of its AI assistant. Work is already underway on insights into multiple documents and document types, AI-assisted writing, editing and presenting PDF documents in Acrobat, more creative processes using its own Firefly technology, and improved document collaboration with AI-assisted reviews and comments.

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Additional subscription

The AI Assistant is now available in beta and only for users of (paid) Adobe Acrobat Standard, Pro and Teams subscriptions on desktops and in the Web version. Expansion to other languages apart from English will follow later.

The features will also be rolled out to Acrobat Reader users for free in the coming weeks. When the AI Assistant becomes generally available, the full functionality will become available to both Adobe Acrobat and Reader users via a new additional (paid) subscription.