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Citrix has added some new features to Workspace that allow employers to keep an eye on their employees’ mental health. It consists of a couple of simple low-code features.

In a press release about the new features, Citrix talks extensively about the importance of mental health during the corona pandemic. Since the beginning of the lockdowns, signs of anxiety and depression are said to have risen enormously. Citrix promises to battle this with its new Workspace features.

“Traditionally, companies have focused on the physical well-being of their employees and viewed the other aspects as a bit taboo. But the pandemic has changed this”, said Donna Kimmel, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Citrix. “Companies are now having more holistic conversations that cover the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of well-being because they realize that they must create a workspace that empowers their people to be well on all fronts.”

Low-code tools

Citrix clearly has noble goals and big promises. The company is talking about a handful of new tools to help companies keep employee morale up. These low-code tools take advantage of the new microapp capabilities in Workspace.

Citrix names four specific features that the tools offer:

  • Conducting quick pulse surveys to track and improve employee happiness and well-being;
  • Sharing positive news to increase employee morale;
  • Recognizing colleagues and their achievements to foster engagement and community;
  • Surfacing relevant content and FAQs to support employees in one place, securely.

The tools above may not appear to be extremely cutting edge in and of itself, Citrix thinks they are very important nonetheless. Customers can add apps built by Citrix partners or build new micro apps of their own, so you can always add more.

Become more resilient

To reiterate the importance of mental health, Citrix adds a quote to the press release from Amit Sood, Doctor of Medicine and executive director at the Global Center for Resiliency and Well-Being. “We cannot remain in this state of cognitive and emotional turmoil, with fatigue, negativity, and overload. A solution is to become resilient so that we can withstand and bounce back from the adversity we currently face, become physically stronger, establish better relationships, and enjoy greater success at work.”

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