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Pega adds new features to Pega Mobile

Pega adds new features to Pega Mobile

Pega has released an update for the Mobile feature of its platform. The update brings a handful of small improvements, including a facelift for the UX.

Pega Mobile is a feature of the Pega Platform (Infinity) with a strong focus on low code app devolopment. Using low code, you speed up development for mobile environments, from existing applications or from scratch. You can als add native mobile functionality relatively easy, without any coding, and ensure that your application can be used virtually everywhere. To further simplify this process, Pega has made several new changes to the feature.


One of the changes is a more modern UX. Pega claims that this makes the user experience ‘more powerful and responsive’ and matches the expectations of modern apps. Furthermore, the app authoring functions have been improved. Examples include adding swipe actions to mobile menus, setting up push notifications and a simulation of how the app would work on a preview screen.

Pega Mobile users can now easily add their own logos to the platform or choose from Pega’s library of icons and colour screens to match their own house style. The company claims that this saves the hassle of arranging logos with an external designer.

Finally, Pega has expanded the possibilities for offline use of the apps made with Pega Mobile. Without an internet connection, they continue to work and synchronise again as soon as the internet connection is restored. This change also applies to mobile apps designed with Pega Cosmos.

Achilles’ heel

“Mobile apps have become the Achilles’ heel of application developers. There is always a lack of time and resources to create and maintain the kind of native mobile experiences that users expect,” said Eric Musser, general manager of intelligent automation at Pega Systems. “With Pega Mobile, users can quickly and easily develop and manage as many mobile apps as the organisation needs. Instead of making mobile less of a priority, organisations can instead take a truly mobile-first approach with powerful apps that deliver greater productivity.”

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