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A report from W3Techs show that PHP is still a very popular programming language. W3Techs’s web server survey finds tech in use by sites in Alexa’s top 10 million list.

The report released today includes a year-on-year chart that starts from January 2010, running through 2021. The survey only includes top sites to avoid data-skewing returns from domain-parking services and spammers. Skewed data would dominate legitimate websites just through sheer volume alone.

The story since 2010

The dataset used tells a clear story. Apart from PHP, which held a 72.5% share in 2010 and holds 78.9% share today, only one other server-side language gained more than 10% market share. That language is ASP.NET, which held a 24.4% market share in 2010 and was down to 9.3% in January and now stands at 8.3%.

The smallest fish include Ruby, the only language that has seen impressive growth, standing at 5.2% this month. It continues to experience uninterrupted growth, according to the report by W3Techs.

PHP is still king, with nothing to worry about

For those familiar with Ruby on Rails, which remains viable but is declining in popularity, Ruby’s growth might come as a shock. There doesn’t appear to be any clear contender for PHP to keep an eye on. ASP.NET is even declined rapidly.

As it stands, most of the disappearing ASP.NET sites already had some PHP, which could have led to a single site being counted twice in the results while having little to no impact on the other languages, as ASP.NET’s services continue to quietly disappear.  

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