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QNAP has released QTS 5.0 which comes with some major updates to the company’s NAS operating system. The main highlights of v5.0 include an upgraded Linux Kernel (5.10), better security, enhanced NVMe SSD cache performance, and WireGuard VPN support.

Some of the notable additions to QTS include QuFTP, a new app that improves the personal and business file transfer experiences.

On top of that exFAT now has native support on x86-based QNAP NAS at no cost to users, for faster transfer of large files and a smoother media editing experience. This version of QNAP OS also has TeamViewer support.

Key additions

Here’s what else is new in the features and apps front:

  • Free exFAT support for x86-based NAS– The exFAT format supports files of up to 16EB and is optimal for flash storage (USB and SD cards) to speed up large media files transfers.
  • Increased security– There’s support for TLS 1.3, automatic updates to QTS and apps, and provides SSH keys for authentication to make NAS access secure.
  • WireGuard VPN support– The new QVPN 3.0 integrates the WireGuard VPN for secure connectivity and ease of use.  
  • Better NVMe SSD cache performance– The new kernel makes NVMe SSD performance better. When acceleration is on, SSD storage is utilized more efficiently.
  • DA Drive Analyzer with AI-powered diagnostics– Cloud-based AI predicts the expected life of drives and assists in planning for a replacement to prevent data loss.
  • Better image recognition using Edge TPU– Using Edge TPU to QNAP AI Core, QuMagie can perform faster face and object recognition, with QVR strengthening real-time video analytics for instant facial recognition.
  • QuFTP fulfills secure file transfer– QNAP NAS can perform as an FTP server featuring encrypted SSL/TLS connection, QoS bandwidth control, set speed limitations for users and groups, or FTP transfers. QuFTP also provides FTP Clients support.