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According to the latest TIOBE Index update, Python has beaten Java to become the most popular programming language for computer programming and coding

JavaScript had remained in the first position since 2014, but Python has been moving up slowly yet surely since 2015. Paul Jenson, the CEO of TIOBE Index, explains this, saying, “For the first time since the start of the TIOBE index nearly 20 years ago, Java and C don’t make up the top 2 positions anymore.”

Popularly used by data science enthusiasts worldwide, Python codes have been used to design several machine learning tasks worldwide. The language is highly productive compared to other programming languages like C++, PHP, and Java.

 Learning Python has become incredibly easy since the language has found a sturdy function in the high-end hardware market. Starting as a simple scripting language, Python has paved its way ahead in the computer programming world. It’s easy to learn and can be used in various domains.

Mission abort!  What went wrong for others?

It is believed that Python’s success was due to the inability of other programming languages to maintain a steady search result ranking.

C++, which initially occupied second place, fell in the number of searches at a rate of 5.79%. Moreover, Java made way for Python thanks to a 2.11% drop in its searches.

TIOBE has been assessing the popularity of computer programming languages for a long time. For its monthly search rankings, TIOBE uses data from various search engines, including YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google. It has declared Python to be among the top programming languages they use to create different software.

Where do other languages stand?

Visual Basic, C++, C#, SQL, PHP, and JavaScript stand among TIOBE’s top 10 computer programming languages in 2021, with Python ranking the highest.