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Elastic acquires Swiss continuous profiling startup Optimyze to enhance observability tools

Elastic acquires Swiss continuous profiling startup Optimyze to enhance observability tools

Elastic wants to create a complete set of observability capabilities to integrate into its enterprise search platform. The announcement comes after completing an acquisition of a startup named Optimyze. The startup focuses on continuous profiling.

Optimyze is a three-year-old startup based in Zurich, Switzerland, and best known for creating its Prodfiler tool. The tool is used by IT teams to monitor resources like CPUs and memory while getting deep visibility to the point of seeing how much processor usage every line of code takes up.

Enhancing Elastic’s observability tools

Elastic is known for its Elasticsearch platform used by enterprises to store, search and analyze huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data in real-time. Elasticsearch serves as the underlying engine for millions of apps that have more complex features and requirements.

Elastic also has observability tools that track network performance and identify threats. It is this rapidly growing part of Elastic’s business that will benefit from the addition of Optimyze’s capabilities. Continuous profiling is a recent advancement in tech that gives engineers clear insights into which bits of code are taking up the most resources.

Better together

With deep insights, companies can reduce cloud computing costs by a significant margin, given that many providers charge based on consumption.

Optimyze’s most notable rival in this market is Datadog, with other players like Granulated Cloud Solutions following closely behind. The startup’s CEO, Thomas Dullen, said that continuous profiling is useful by itself but becomes more useful when paired with logs, traces, metrics, and operational data.

The sentiment fits in with Elastic’s Chief Product Officer Ashutosh Kulkarni’s comments about unifying the pillars of observability through the integration of existing Elastic capabilities with Optimyze’s continuous profiling.