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GitLab acquires Opstrace, the open observability Startup

GitLab acquires Opstrace, the open observability Startup

The acquisition should help GitLab expand its offerings with the powerful observability solution.

GitLab recently acquired the open-source observability distribution named OpsTrace. This is Gitlab’s first acquisition since its October IPO. The details of the transaction are yet to be disclosed. This acquisition will allow Gitlab to monitor metrics, traces, and logs to find bugs within the production stage of software and eliminate any bugs that the program may still have. Observability offers strong analyzing prowess, processing data within the software already available to the open market.

Although GitLab already has a solution that offers alert and incident management, the acquisition of observability can take their solution to the next level and improve functionality.

Open Source Aspect

Open source tools like OpsTrace allowed developers to deep dive into their stack with many features and tools to assist them in the development process. GitLab hopes that with the acquisition of OpsTrace, they can be the first platform to integrate an observability solution. This will offer users a single user interface with a unified data store and security embedded in the DevOps cycle.

Future of GitLab

This acquisition opens doors to improved functionality. The ultimate goal would be to integrate the observability solution into the monitor stage of development. GitLab wants its consumers to have a robust observability solution that is not costly. Furthermore, since the solution is open source, it provides API security and the convenience of integration.

GitLab is still in its initial stages of integrating this solution into all phases of DevOps. However, they are aligned with their targets and know what to do to grow this solution further. The integration of the observability solution will help developers improve their processes in all the development stages.