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Circle Internet Services is a continuous integration and delivery platform for DevOps teams. The company announced the launch of Test Insights, a new feature extending the platform’s Insights dashboard to give teams the ability to react to test performances meaningfully.

Test Insights gives users greater visibility during the testing process for rapid identification and recovery from failed tests and enables them to achieve higher accuracy in overall analytics.

Teams can save more time by addressing code failures rapidly, finding the source of bugs or threats faster, and accurately forecasting trends and patterns to optimize workflows better.

Save time

Apurva Joshi, the chief product officer of CircleCI, says that the data collected by the company shows the average failed workflows can waste up to 30 minutes of time for a team. CircleCI claims to have identified more than 4,000 flaky tests per day, meaning that users could collectively save more than 2,000 wasted hours per day, by eliminating said failures.

Flaky test detection works by detecting unpredictable behavior, creating the circumstances that would cause false negatives or positives, and then flagging them before anything drastic happens.

It can detect the longest-running and most failed tests to allow the DevOps teams to focus on the most problematic areas and get back to developing.

Actionable information is the name of the game

Test Insights has longitudinal analysis too, which gives users a way to see behavioral changes over time in test behavior and performance to diagnose efficiency issues faster.

To cap the capabilities off, it gives users actionable improvements on trends at the organization, work-flow level, and job-level by sorting for mean run time for metrics like recovery, duration and throughput, over 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day periods.

By helping teams find, identify and solve problems, developers can spend more time innovating and less time troubleshooting, which increases speed, efficiency, and accuracy overall.