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Microsoft adds way to update Windows 11 using Online Service Experience Packs

Microsoft adds way to update Windows 11 using Online Service Experience Packs

Microsoft released a new Windows 11 Insider build on October 27. Named Windows 11 Build 22489, the release notes for this Dev Channel build contain a message from Microsoft officials disclosing that there is going to be yet another way for people to update Windows outside of major OS updates, using Online Service Experience Packs.

The mention of the new update is in context with the ‘Your Microsoft Account’ settings page, which Microsoft is testing currently, as part of some future updates to Windows 11.

A subset of Dev Channel Insiders is getting the new Your Microsoft Account setting page in Build 22489.

Improvements will continue

The new page will show information related to users’ Microsoft Accounts, including subscriptions to Microsoft 365, links to order history, Microsoft Rewards ad payment information.

Via this page, the users can access their Microsoft Accounts directly in the Settings in Windows 11. Details about the nature of Online Service Experience Packs aren’t available right now. Concerning the new build, Microsoft officials said they plan to improve it over time based on feedback collected.

They added that the Online Service Experience packs work the same as Windows Features Experience packs, allowing them to make updates to Windows outside major updates.

Specific improvements

The difference between the two is that the Windows Feature Experience Packs deliver broad improvements across several areas of Windows. The Online Service Experience focuses on the delivery of improvements for specific experiences like the new Microsoft account settings page.

Microsoft officials have not said much about the Windows Feature Experience Packs. The packs, which arrived with Windows 10 have not included the updated snipping tool, shell-suggestion UI, and text input panel.

The rest of the post released with the update is about the fixes and known issues.