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Qualtrics, the renowned business software maker whose technology is leveraged by the world’s largest enterprises for employee and customer sentiment metrics, named Amazon Web Services as its preferred cloud partner.

Earlier this year, the company went public in a listing that raised more than $1.5 billion. Led by CEO Zig Serafin, the company provides a cloud-based experience management platform for enterprises to collect feedback from employees and customers.

A use case would be a software company planning to add a new feature measuring user response before taking it to general availability.

Modernizing and updating

Qualtrics partnered with AWS to modernize some of its crucial information technology infrastructure components. As part of the collaboration, the software maker is moving both internal IT systems and customer-facing workloads to the public cloud.

The company is using a combination of AWS services to power its move to the cloud. One of the services is Amazon DynamoDB, a managed NoSQL database that can store petabytes of information.

For demanding applications, DynamoDB provides an in-memory cache known as DAX, which makes it easy to retrieve records in fractions of a second.

AWS said that Qualtrics is using DynamoDB to power the XM directory tool in its experience management platform.

Reacting to developing markets

Qualtrics is also using AWS technology to power Qualtrics iQ, another component of its platform using machine learning to help enterprises understand customers. It can automatically analyze survey responses to identify trends in sentiment that may need a company to adjust business strategies.

To help the enterprises react to market developments better, the platform can point out the best actions to positively impact users.

Recently, Qualtrics inked a deal to acquire Clarabridge, an experience management provider and competitor focusing on AI, for $1.5 billion.