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Ericsson presents the Intelligent Automation Platform, a solution aimed at enabling telecom operators to manage their mobile network environments more efficiently.

With the Intelligent Automation Platform, telecom operators should be able to achieve fully automated network performance, operational efficiency and a better customer experience. Telecom operators can use the platform for existing and future 4G/5G Radio Access Networks (RAN). Furthermore, the platform supports RAN equipment of various vendors as well as OpenARN technology.


Specifically, the platform automates management for mobile network environments with AI technology and so-called radio network applications, also known as rApps. The platform automates operational work and resources while simultaneously identifying potential improvements of the respective mobile network. Ericsson compares the platform’s function to that of an operating system.


In addition to the Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform, the networking giant announces an SDK that will allow developers to build various tools themselves. In addition, a suite of field-tested Ericsson rApps will be made available for four applications with varying purposes: automatic deployment, improving mobile network efficiency, network development and network optimization. Ericsson plans to further expand its suite of rApps solutions in collaboration with partners and customers.