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VMware has made its Cross-Cloud Services portfolio available on AWS, allowing AWS customers to modernize their applications and bring workloads to cloud environments of choosing.

The expansion of VMware Cross-Cloud Services to AWS means that AWS users can apply VMware services within the portfolio to develop, build and manage applications and workloads that can run on multiple cloud platforms.

VMware Cross-Cloud Services

VMware’s Cross-Cloud Services is a recent introduction, including VMware Tanzu tools for optimizing applications and Carbon Black for security purposes. Together, the solutions allow developers to build, run and deploy secure applications on any cloud platform with the same set of commands. Users can choose the tools they need at their discretion. Companies can use VMware’s portfolio to develop a universal set of security policies for applications running in multiple cloud environments.

Other VMware tools available on AWS

In addition to the well-known VMware Tanzu and Carbon Black tools, AWS customers also gain access to other VMware tools. For example, VMware CloudHealth and its Secure State tool, which provides an intelligent, cloud-based security and compliance platform for protecting cloud infrastructure resources, contrasting application-focused solutions.

Furthermore, the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer helps automate load balancing, autoscaling, container ingress and centralized orchestration across cloud and on-premises environments. Lastly, VMware SASE helps deliver SD-WAN functionality, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) and firewalls.

VMware Cross-Cloud Services is available through the AWS Marketplace.

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