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AWS introduces IoT RoboRunner for robotic environments

AWS introduces IoT RoboRunner for robotic environments

AWS has launched a preview of its IoT RoboRunner service during its re:Invent 2021 event. With this, the tech giant aims to target the market for managing large-scale robotic networks. It is also initiating the incubator program AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator for this purpose.

IoT RoboRunner enables the development and deployment of applications that allow various groups and types of robots to work together. Said applications bring order to the chaos of various operating systems, control systems, data formats, data repositories and programming that comes with using robotic systems from various vendors.

AWS IoT RoboRunner allows customers to connect robots and existing automation software to their robot network and orchestrate the entire management process. The solution also allows data from each type of robot to be combined and standardized data types — such as plant, location and robot task — to be collected in a centralized environment.

This should speed up the development and rollout of new applications for robot management tasks. These include solutions for assigning work and providing measurement data and KPIs to management dashboards.

Available in two regions

AWS IoT RoboRunner is not the only solution that can provide the functionality mentioned above. Providers such as Freedom Robotics and Exotec also market the service type. The strength of AWS IoT RoboRunner lies in the combination it can form with all of AWS’ other services. The AWS IoT RoboRunner service is now available in AWS regions US East and Europe.

AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator Initiative

AWS aims to invest in robotics, as evidenced by the launch of the AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator initiative in partnership with MassRobotics. Through the program, the tech giant will support startups in the field of robotics. Think of developing robotics applications, building prototypes, conducting tests and commercially marketing applications. Furthermore, startups should gain access to AWS’ customers through this program.