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Microsoft recently released the preview of its Azure Load Testing service. This managed service allows developers and testers to stress test their applications to improve performance and scalability.

With load testing software, developers can expose their applications, websites, database or networks to high volumes of requests. This allows them to gain insight into how performance and scalability capabilities function with a large number of simultaneous end users. Through the software, developers can implement various scenarios to see what results. Based on that, they can modify the tested environments or applications for better performance in an environment of choice.

Azure Load Testing

With the introduction of the managed service Azure Load Testing, the tech giant allows customers to perform these stress tests without having to set up complex infrastructure. The managed service also allows developers to use open-source Apache JMeter scripts to gain insights on which they can act immediately. In this way, the tech giant indicates, they can address performance issues on a large scale.

Azure workloads

Naturally, Azure Load Testing is also intended to provide greater insight into the performance of applications and other solutions that run specifically on the Azure public cloud. For this purpose, Azure Load Testing offers various integrations with other Azure tools, giving developers insight into how different load scenarios affect all parts of applications. In addition, they can compare test results from different load tests to observe changes over time.


The most important Azure Load Testing integration is with Azure Monitor, a monitoring tool for applications, infrastructure and network environments. According to the tech giant, this integration, including the Application insights and Container insights tools, is great for gathering details for Azure services. The metrics provided by this tool are then made visible in the Azure Load Testing dashboard.

Azure Load Testing also helps for integrating load testing within CI/CD processes of developers. This allows performance issues to be resolved before applications go into production. Through integrations with GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines, a ‘baseline’ and precise pass and fail criteria can be specified to determine relapses in performance from each build.

Azure Load Testing is available in preview now.