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Python 3.10.1 is now available

Python 3.10.1 is now available

Python version 3.10 receives its first maintenance update. Version 3.10.1 brings new functionality and improvements.

Python’s developers have been everything but idle since the release of version 3.10. Version 3.10.1 extends the removal of ‘wstr member’ in PyUnicodeObject (PEP 623) and provides functionality for writing universal types like X and Y (PEP 604). In addition, there are features for parameter specification variables (PEP 612), specifying line numbers for debugging and other tools (PEP 626) and adding optional length checks for zip (PEP 618). Furthermore, ‘Parenthesized context managers’ (bpo-12782) are allowed, and the disutils module (PEP 633) and explicit type aliases (PEP 613) can be removed.

Other changes

Other changes in Python v3.10.1 include Structural Pattern Matching Specification, motivation and rationalization and a tutorial suitable for this (PEP 634, 635 3n 636). The requirement for OpenSSl v1.1.1 or newer versions was added (PEP 644).

Despite being planned for the newly released version, the addition of _future_import annotations (PEP 563) will be delayed to Python 3.11. According to the developers, the feature requires some compatibility issues to be resolved.

Python v3.10.1 is available immediately.