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In response to a ruling by Dutch market regulator ACM, Apple will provide Dutch developers of dating apps with more payment options in the App Store.

Late last year, regulator ACM threatened to fine Apple with 50 million euros due to limited options of App Store payment systems in the Netherlands. Dutch developers were charged fees for in-app payment systems that they had no say in. Tinder was one of the parties voicing complaints. The ACM ordered Apple to offer alternative in-app payment systems under the threat of a fine.

Now, Apple announces that it will comply by enabling two alternative in-app purchase options for dating apps in the App Store. The introduction explicitly applies to dating apps in the Netherlands.

Warnings from Apple

The tech giant notes that Dutch developers are not required to use the new alternatives. Moreover, the company warns that its support of the new methods is limited. The tech giant will not assist app developers in securing and refunding payments made through the new options.

Furthermore, Apple has announced that it will appeal to ACM’s decision.