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The release of Git 2.35 introduces a new parameter and various bug fixes.

Git 2.35 is a relatively minor update totalling 494 non-merge commits. The version fixes various bugs, including fetch misses, matching issues in sparse-checkout and a number of grep issues. Git-stash, a new parameter, allows any recent index change to be stashed.

Git log improvements

In addition, Git 2.35 introduces improvements to the git log. Various command-line options can now be passed through. Furthermore, the behaviour of ‘-invert-grep’ has been corrected to incorporate the results of matches with -‘grep’.

Also, the git log learned to include so-called ‘decorate-refs’. In addition, the git completions script was extended. Lastly, a colour palette was added to git grep, and git apply is now able to ignore messages.

Git 2.35 is available immediately for Windows, macOS and Linux/Unix.