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Google released version 1.18 of open source programming language Go. The update provides performance and security improvements.

Google Go aims to enable developers in creating productivity solutions for multicore networked devices that deal with large codebases. The language resembles C, but is said to be safer and easier for implementing optimizations.


With version 1.18, Go runs up to 20 percent faster on various CPUs, such as the Apple M1 and Arm64- and PowerPC64-based processors.

In addition, developers now only need to write one line of code for the heavy lifting and shifting of data structures.

Furthermore, Go now features automatic testing methods for code written in the Go toolchain, also known as ‘fuzzing’. ‘Fuzzing’ helps developers discover early vulnerabilities. For example, version 1.18 automatically tests for SQL injection, buffer overflows and cross-site scripting.

Go v1.18 is available immediately.

Tip: Developers have mixed feelings about Google Go language