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The Rust Foundation is offering assistance to its people with its Community Grant Program 2022. Applications open on April 1st, 2022.

The big guns like AWS, Google, and Huawei have allocated the Rust Community Grants Program budget for 2022, amounting to $625,000. The Community Grants Program will provide funds to Rust’s development community as a way to support the work they do.

Four grants are being offered:

  1. Rust Foundation Fellowships

This is a year-long award designed for a maximum of 20 people and an allowance of $1,000 monthly, including training and travel expenses.

  • Project Grants

A single award for individuals, groups, and organizations for a distinct piece of work from $1,000- 20,000

  • Event Support Grants

Prizes range from $100-500 to support the events.

  • Hardship Award Grants

Award ranging from $500-1,500 to provide those community members who face financial crises with aid.

These address number of key Rush challenges, ranging from the need for more Rust team members and maintainers to Rust’s harsh learning curve.

The goal of this program

Particularly, the Rust Foundation Fellowship aims to support each Rust Project maintainer, not just financially. The Fellowship offers Fellows different opportunities to attend the events, attain complementary skills, and engage with various stakeholders of the Rust ecosystem.

The Fellowship aims to bring new diversity and talent to the community. In addition to this, it also allows them to work on those specific Rust activities which interest them the most. Eventually, these Fellows will progress to be the Rust leader of tomorrow.

Project Grants provide several activities designed to highlight the bug fixes, learning materials, documentation, and innovative features. Apart from this, it also means fostering an advanced and innovative project to profit the broader community. The Rust Foundation has put a limit to the Project Grants starting at $20,000 so that each activity can be funded.

The Awards for these events range from $100- 500, supporting virtual and physical events. Following this, the hardship prizes will be awarded to those community members who face financial hardship.