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The new solution helps dev teams troubleshoot Kubernetes much faster.

Sysdig this week launched a new software tool called Sysdig Advisor. The new tool aims to help companies fix technical issues in their Kubernetes deployments faster.

San Francisco-based Sysdig offers two software products: One focuses on finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities, while the other, a platform called Sysdig Monitor, helps companies detect and fix technical issues in their Kubernetes deployments. The newly unveiled Sysdig Advisor tool is available as part of the second platform.

Harry Perks, Principal Product Manager at SysDig, detailed the urgent need for the new product in a blog post. “When thinking about operating Kubernetes in practice, the platform teams provide an environment for application developers to deploy applications,” he says. “The lack of skills within these various teams manifests as SLAs being breached when things go wrong, and that costs money,” he explains.

Accelerating troubleshooting by up to 10x

Perks then goes on to introduce the solution to solve this problem. “We’re excited to announce Advisor, a new Kubernetes troubleshooting product in Sysdig Monitor, that accelerates troubleshooting by up to 10x. Advisor displays a prioritized list of issues and relevant troubleshooting data to surface the biggest problem areas and accelerate time to resolution.”

The tool automatically detects technical issues in a Kubernetes environment and then prioritizes them by severity. According to Sysdig, the tool can help administrators more quickly determine which malfunction should be tackled first. 

To help with troubleshooting, the tool collects detailed data about every technical issue that it detects. Sysdig Advisor highlights notable events that occurred immediately before a malfunction. It points out which components are affected by the malfunction, retrieves knowledge base articles that may contain useful troubleshooting suggestions and also provides other data, such as error logs.

Advisor is now available to all customers at no additional cost, Perks says, adding that “additional troubleshooting features will be added over the coming weeks.”