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The upcoming release of Python 3.11 focuses on performance. Improvements will be realized by the Faster CPython project.

The release notes of the upcoming version indicate drastic performance improvements. The release is expected to be available in October of this year.

Faster CPython

According to insiders, the performance improvements are achieved by taking advantage of Faster CPython, a Microsoft-funded development project.

CPython is the default ‘interpreter’ in Faster CPython. The interpreter uses just-in-time compiler technology and identifies the code that can benefit from this specialization. This allows instructions in executed code objects to be specialized with a new instruction. The new instruction is executed faster. Eventually, the speed of instructions can be increased by 50 percent. This ultimately makes all of Python run faster.

Memory usage

Besides speeding up instructions, the Faster CPython project quickens memory usage. Instead of a system allocator, the programming language uses its own memory. Resultingly, fewer calls are made to the system allocator. To improve efficiency, the system allocator is called multiple times in one go.

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