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Xcode Cloud’s continuous integration and delivery service (CI/CD) is now universally accessible.

In early June 2022, Apple’s Xcode has completed the beta testing phase. First announced in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 (WWDC21), the CI/CD service will now be available to all developers.

Since its announcement last year, Apple has been gradually rolling out Xcode Cloud to developers. Now, the service is available as a subscription model. The cheapest option starts at $14.99 per month for 25 hours. But to let developers experiment with it, Apple is offering it for free until December 2023.

Professional programs have a monthly fee of $44.99 for 100 hours, $99.99 for 250 hours, and $399.99 for 1,000 hours. Several medium and large app developers look to use Xcode Cloud services to improve their services.

Whereas it is not the only CI/CD program available for Apple’s platform, early use suggests it is more comprehensive. Smoother integration with Apple’s existing development tools also gives it a competitive edge.

Xcode assisting developers

CI/CD lets developers quickly introduce minor changes to their codes so their app’s performance improves. This allows software houses maintain a consistently high quality by fixing bugs, glitches, and other faults as soon as they are identified.

“Xcode Cloud simplifies the workflow by bringing everything together so as an individual developer you can focus your energy on being more creative, and development teams can collaborate more effectively,” Apple’s vice president for product marketing Susan Prescott explains.

Xcode Cloud’s has an integrated development environment for devices with iOS and macOS. In addition, the service is compatible with TestFlight, letting developers pre-release their products for testing purposes.

On top of this, Xcode Cloud works directly with App Store Connect, too, as well as several other platforms. For instance, it works well with Git-based services thanks to the common code of GitHub and GitLab.

Nonetheless, Xcode Cloud is only suitable for Apple’s operating software. Using it, developers can significantly improve their services for Apple’s App Store.