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Security startup Jit secured €36 million in its first investment round. The company’s software analyzes the code of applications and produces a clear roadmap for security improvements.

The security industry faces labour shortages. Suitable SecOps candidates are hard to come by. As long as security professionals remain scarce, developers have to contribute. By building watertight applications, they can reduce the workload of security professionals. That’s why more and more DevOps tools are bringing security to the development process.

Jit is an example. The company was founded in 2021. Expectations are high, as demonstrated by the most recent investment round. Jit secured seed capital worth €36 million. The company simultaneously launched a free beta version of its product. The software starts by analyzing an application and its infrastructure, runtimes and pipeline. Next, the software automatically produces a step-by-step plan for improving the security of the entire stack. The steps are described in code. As a result, developers can immediately process Jit’s advise.

Time will tell whether the company meets the expectations of investors. Jit is in its very first phase. Besides a free beta version, no commercial product is available at this time.

Minimum Viable Security

Jit’s software is based on Minimum Viable Security (MVS), a new concept in the security industry. MVS is derived from Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a description for software products that have just enough meat on their bones to be tested on the market. MVS adds just enough security to deliver a secure application. MVS focuses on low-hanging fruit: quick adjustments with significant results. Although it’s not the safest approach, MVS is undoubtedly efficient.

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