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Flutter 3.3 introduces improved graphics engine

Flutter 3.3 introduces improved graphics engine

Google is bringing new functionality to its app development platform with the introduction of Flutter 3.3. Notably, the Impeller graphics engine was improved.

The release of Flutter 3.3 follows the introduction of Flutter 3 earlier this year. The previous version brought new features to desktops running macOS and Linux. Flutter allows developers to build consistent UI’s for cross-platform applications.

Among other things, Flutter 3.3 improves support for Material 3 specification Android frameworks. Other features provide better UI environments for tablets and desktops, including support for writing on tablets.


Flutter 3.3 further improves the Impeller graphics engine. The code rendering layer was rewritten and optimized. This layer forms the basis of all Flutter screen capabilities.

Impeller should replace previous Skia code with custom code that supports new chipsets and other hardware acceleration APIs, such as Metal for iOS and Vulkan for Android.

Impeller should deliver predictable performance on all devices that compile graphics instead of requiring caching by default. This helps prevent lag when scrolling.


The Flutter team collaborated with app developer gskinner to release the Wonderous app. The app showcases the various Impeller improvements in version 3.3. Users can navigate through a particularly pleasant UI. The app exemplifies new visual techniques and best practices.