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BlackBerry launches automotive operating system QNX on AWS

BlackBerry launches automotive operating system QNX on AWS

BlackBerry has made QNX OS available on AWS. Users can now run the operating system on EC2 instances to test automotive software.

QNX OS is installed in cars to run and manage onboard instruments and subsystems. The operating system ensures that computing and processing tasks are completed within a specified time. This is especially important for systems responsible for car movement.

Companies can now run QNX OS on AWS EC2 Graviton 2 instances to develop and test automotive software. BlackBerry shared the news at AWS re:Invent 2022, the tech giant’s flagship conference.

QNX OS allows automotive developers to test software in controlled environments before moving on to real-world applications. The operating system ensures the reliability of key software components in cars. QNX OS features a built-in recovery tool to automatically repair broken components.

BlackBerry IVY

The cloud-based version of QNX OS is capable of running alongside BlackBerry IVY, a software tool that helps automakers process data from sensors built into cars. Some of the software runs on local car systems, while other components are deployed on AWS.

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