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Akamai is further expanding its Kubernetes technology with the acquisition of data storage startup Ondat.

The acquisition, financial details of which were not disclosed, gives Akamai a data storage platform focused on the Kubernetes container orchestration platform. With the Ondat data storage platform, the storage functionality of Kubernetes can be further extended.

Technology Ondat platform

The Ondat platform ensures that persistent storage capacity is automatically adapted to Kubernetes clusters. This is based on the amount of data the applications are holding. In addition, the data storage platform automatically encrypts and compresses the information in Kubernetes-based applications to save storage capacity. As a result, important and stateful applications can be securely distributed through public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

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Ondat also provides tools that help prevent data loss in Kubernetes environments. Furthermore, the technology allows companies to create multiple copies of their data and bring them online in case the original data sets are no longer accessible due to outages.

Expanding cloud storage functionality

According to Akamai, storage is an important component for cloud computing, and Ondat’s technology should further enhance the storage capabilities of the CDN player. Using this technology, Akamai wants to offer a fundamentally different way of cloud computing. This involves combining core and distributed sites with a very large edge network.

To this end, the company recently launched the Akamai Connected Cloud platform. This platform is based on the technology of Linode, a company that Akamai acquired recently. The acquisition of Ondat should be completed by the end of this month.