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The Netherlands and France are going to cooperate on processor technology and quantum computing.

This is confirmed by sources from both countries to the political website Politico. According to the sources, it will be announced during French president Macron’s current state visit. The two countries are set to enter a partnership with regard to computer chips, quantum computing and nuclear energy.

A cooperation agreement will also be signed for “innovation and sustainable growth”. The latter agreement will also have the support of business organizations from both countries.

As part of these cooperation agreements, the French president will meet with representatives of ASML and STMicroelectronics, among others.

Greater economic security

The main motivators for the closer technological cooperation between the two countries are in addition to trade interests. According to Politico, they share their vision of economic security. Export controls for sensitive technology to China is one of those concerns. Both countries are said to be very aware of the dangers of exporting technology to the Asian country.

Economic security is increasingly on the agenda in the Netherlands, often in conjunction with European sovereignty. This is highly valued by France, the political news site indicates. The announced cooperation in areas such as chip production and quantum computing should contribute to this.

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