Intel adds AI engine to Meteor Lake processors

Intel adds AI engine to Meteor Lake processors

Intel is going to add an AI engine to all Intel Meteor Lake processors. This is to facilitate the processing of increasingly present AI workloads, the chip giant announced.

The Intel Meteor Lake processors will get a built-in neural Vision Processing Unit (VPU) based on technology from the acquired computer vision player Movidius. This writes The Register based on a briefing at Computex 2023. Intel also recently announced this functionality itself.

Movidius technology was already available on some Intel 13th gen Core processors.

Unburdening CPU and GPU

The announced VPU integration is going to act on the Meteor Lake SoC as a dedicated AI engine for running AI models more effectively. This AI engine should work with other AI accelerators to provide the best AI experiences for both enterprise customers and consumers. Among other things, this will enable AI tasks also on PCs and laptops.

The dedicated VPU should primarily offload the CPU and GPU on the SoC for “sustained AI and AI offload.” Here, the CPU is asked to handle the simple inference tasks with low latency. The GPU then handles the equal parallel performance and throughput. The VPU handles all other AI-related tasks.

With the AI functionality, gamers, for example, as well as end users can benefit from GPT models and tools. It allows the processors to significantly accelerate their used computing power for these types of solutions.

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