Cisco and Nutanix join forces to accelerate hybrid multicloud

Cisco and Nutanix join forces to accelerate hybrid multicloud

Cisco and Nutanix are introducing a solution to make it easier to move to hybrid multicloud environments, helping businesses modernize and transform their IT environments faster.

According to Cisco and Nutanix, businesses are still experiencing too many difficulties in moving to hybrid multicloud environments due to the complexity involved. With the joint solution, both parties hope to simplify this journey for businesses, making it easier for them to adopt hybrid multicloud environments for faster business transition, more innovation and improved user experience.

The goal of the new joint solution is to simplify customers’ operations, maximize resiliency and accelerate their IT transformation.

Cisco UCS with Nutanix Cloud Platform

More specifically, the announced solution is an amalgamation of virtual computing power, networking and storage for enterprise (on-premise) data centers and public cloud environments.

The solution consists of the combination of the Cisco SaaS-managed compute power and networking infrastructure, Cisco UCS and Cisco Intersight, with the Nutanix Cloud Platform. The advanced Cisco UCS servers support networking technology and security from Cisco ACI and management capabilities such as Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco Intersight.

The Nutanix Cloud Platform includes the components Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure , Nutanix Cloud Manager, Nutanix Unified Storage and Nutanix Desktop Services.


The combined solution is marketed by Cisco and offers several deployment options. Among others, Cisco USC rack and blade servers, such as the C-Series servers, are supported. Support for Cisco UCS-X servers is also coming in the near future.

The new hybrid multicloud solution will be available sometime in the next three months.

Tip: Nutanix wants to be infrastructure for all workloads, including Kubernetes