Uniserver Group renamed Atomic

Uniserver Group renamed Atomic

The name Uniserver Group will disappear and be replaced by the name Atomic. This should emphasize that the organization has grown into a group of companies. The central service of the organization remains the offering of knowledge about cloud solutions.

With Atomic, the old Uniserver Group wants to become known throughout Europe. European companies can expect a broad portfolio of knowledge to support cloud infrastructure.

Ronald Bezuur, the founder of the Uniserver Group, indicates in a press release what Atomic has to offer: “The separately operating companies Uniserver, Cloudnation and Revodata represent crucial building blocks for the development of outstanding cloud solutions. With Atomic, we are developing into a collective of leading European cloud-first companies with over 200 experts. These experts can work together as one and boost digital innovation with solutions for private, public and hybrid cloud environments.”

Centralization of expertise

The group hopes to expand the number of experts further in the future. Several names already belonging to the group are Uniserver, Cloudnation and Revodata. In order to expand into other areas, Atomic is looking to make acquisitions. However, the company promises to maintain the individuality of each company operating under the name Atomic.

For customers, this may be less clear due to the creation of an overarching point of contact. This will incorporate the cloud specialist’s collective knowledge.

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