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Research by Forrester shows that roughly nine out of ten European companies use multiple public cloud environments. Although cloud adoption had a slow start, companies are now accelerating, the researchers say.

According to The State of Cloud in Europe 2022 report, 87 percent of European companies use multiple public cloud platforms. Common motives are hosting key applications, modernizing new workloads and using cloud-native technology.

The researchers indicate that companies increasingly evaluate their strategies and apply cloud-native technology by default. Most want to boost cloud efficiency, scalability and innovation.

Alternative for existing technology

In addition, companies see the public cloud as a means for developing new applications and using affordable computing and storage technology. According to the survey, European companies moved roughly 41 percent of their application landscape to a public cloud environment. More than half expect to move all applications to a public cloud environment within two years.

Containers and serverless

Furthermore, European companies use a diverse mix of tools and solutions for public cloud environments. Cloud-native services for AI, machine learning and Kubernetes are common. Nearly a quarter uses containers while 20 percent opt for serverless solutions.