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AI start-up Anthropic is now considered a formidable competitor to ChatGPT maker OpenAI. However, it needs huge investments to stay competitive. Amazon is once again stepping in with the equivalent of 2.55 billion euros, as it had promised to do late last year.

The amount brings Amazon’s total investment in Anthropic to the $4 billion (3.71 billion euros) promised in September. Incidentally, Google is also providing $2 billion (1.85 billion euros), in addition to investments from Salesforce and Menlo Ventures. In total, Anthropic can count on converted 6.8 billion euros to further develop AI.

Already proving great potential

Anthropic already proved in early March that it has not been idle since the capital injections from Big Tech. AI model Claude 3 “Opus” is said to outperform GPT-4, which is still considered the state of the art in GenAI, in benchmarks.

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Amazon is making the set of new Claude models available on Bedrock, alongside other LLMs from Anthropic. Google offers the AI models through its own Vertex AI platform. For the latter, Claude’s position is somewhat ambiguous, as Google itself competes with its own Gemini offering to claim a leadership role in the AI field. The tactic seems to be to offer customers as much choice as possible and continue to develop its own models suitable for applications such as its own Gemini chatbot (formerly Google Bard) and Search Generative Experience.

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